NakedJen's new blog

I'm helping NakedJen out with her new blog. The old one was on TypePad. They wanted $15 a month to keep the site going, and that was more than she felt was fair, so she let it go. Of course I was on her case to get back to blogging. I missed her rambly emotive blog posts. I love the way her mind works. I felt bad reading her posts on Facebook, where they insist she's not NakedJen. So we set up a Fargo blog for her, and she's been writing there the last few days.

We set it up so her domain,, which she still owns, redirects to the new site.

Also, she uses Feedburner, which usually makes me groan, but this time it turned out well, because it lasted longer than TypePad for Jen. So we told Feedburner to look for her feed at this address:

Which redirects to the Fargo-generated feed.

At some point we will probably do another mapping to have her site hosted at, so it's better to not include .smallpict in the address, and let the redirect work for now.

But the really important thing is my good pal NakedJen is back blogging!

See also: NakedJen and word-wrap.

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By Dave Winer, Friday, April 25, 2014 at 6:33 PM. When in doubt, blog.