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From time to time people ask where are the comments on Scripting News. They're there, but maybe not so easy to find.#

Look in the Links menu at the top of each page. You'll see a command that opens the comments window. From there, it works as you expect.#

The feature was added on March 25.#

The ISPs and entertainment companies want to restrict the flow of the Internet for their own purposes. It would make some sense, if they had developed the Internet, but they didn't. It was paid for by US taxpayers. It was a good investment, as long as it doesn't get foreclosed on. Funny thing is I don't remember when we took out a mortgage on the Internet from these guys?#

If the ISPs and entertainment companies want to control the flow of something, they should invent it first, and then invest in it to make it work, and pay for the dead-ends and failures, and then if they can make it work, let's talk about restricting its flow for their profits. #

It's the same old thing, corporations socialize losses and privatize profit. Here's they're socializing investment, and then privatizing the payoff. Nice work if you can get it. I guess.#

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