Tweetstorms are a user-driven feature.#

Lots of new stuff: Little Pork Chop 0.42.#

Screen shot of Little Pork Chop, taken on rollout night. #

Pito Salas: When Twitter becomes a blogging platform.#

Today's background image is Buster Keaton, wearing a pork pie hat.#

Not sure exactly when this started happening, or the scope of the problem, but I am unable to use the command keys Cmd-X, C and V to access the clipboard in Chrome on my Mac. It's not limited to my software. I can't paste into GMail. #

I am able to cut, copy and paste with the right-click menu. So this appears to be a problem with keystroke handling?#

If you have any insight to offer, please post a comment. You can access the comment window through the Links menu at the top of the page.#

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