Scripting News: Note to press people re Happy Friends.#

Today's background image is rebeccapurple, a new web color.#

Joe Moreno: What's the Big Deal About Outliners?#

NYT: A More Nuanced Breakdown of the Supreme Court.#

If you expand the section below, This is a test, you'll see a sequence of tweets. How they got there is an interesting story, imho.#

I'm using the next version of Happy Friends, not released yet, that has an option to publish my outline in a standard format called OPML. I turned the option on, and you can see my outline here. #

Here's what I did in Fargo to get the tweets to show up on my blog.#

1. I chose Open by URL in the File menu, and entered the URL of the outline from Happy Friends. #

2. This means that whenever the outline updates, the updates will also show up in Fargo, because all outlines opened by URL automatically update when they change. This is part of the Fargo for Workgroups functionality, used in a creative way. #

3. I opened the outline and copied three items using Cmd-C. #

4. I switched into the tab for my noteblog (the outline you're reading now) and pasted the three items under This is a test. #

I did the same for one of Farhad's tweets. And I'll probably do a few more before calling it a night. #

6. The Fargo CMS knows what to do with tweets (new feature!) -- it calls Twitter and says Hey how do you render one of these things. They tell us, and we insert the result in the page. You should be able to put tweets anywhere reasonable and have them render this way.#

You can't make a tweet a menu item, for example, that would be too boisterous.#

There's a lot of APIs and format standards work going back over a decade that make this all work so smoothly. It may sound like a lot, but once it's set up, it's just copy/paste. #







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