Scripting News: I know what a blog is. #

Scripting News: The pressure on blogging.#

Two new releases: Fargo 1.62 and Happy Friends 0.42.#

NextWeb: Happy Friends Turns Twitter Into a Mailbox for Power Users.#

Jeffrey Kishner, a happy Fargo user can embed Happy Friends tweets in Fargo. Makes *me* happy! #

Today's background image is Thomas Hawk's American Bar.#

Nate Silver: Drafting Sophomores Is a Smart Strategy For NBA Teams.#

The story behind the color rebeccapurple is painful, a six-year-old girl died of cancer.#

Yesterday, I made the background color of my site that color, a small gesture of solidarity with her family. #

The color is on its way to become a web standard. It shows what we can do if we all accept a common mission and put all the usual arguments aside and decide to get something done. #

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