New release: Posting to WordPress and Facebook. This version of Little Facebook Editor can post to WordPress and Facebook simultaneously, and updates both posts every time you save.#

In 1994 I got an email response to a blog post from Bill Gates, and of course I ran it. In 2014, my Facebook post was liked by Mark Zuckerberg. Another item off my bucket list. #

Scripting News: Getting rid of Gmail tabs.#

Today was one of the few truly hot days this summer. We had hot weather in May, but then it's been very temperate the rest of the summer. Usually you have a few 100 degree days. I don't think we have had any this year. #

At the turnaround point on today's ride I was sunning, a few blocks north of Stuyvesant High School, looking out over the river, soaking up the warmth and realized things are about to change. In Central Park, the roads are already covered with fallen leaves. There are hints of yellow or orange in the canopy. And the forecast is for things to cool off tomorrow.#

If I get a say I vote for at least one major hot spell before we start wearing our fall clothes. Let's have one fling with summer.#

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