Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 6:15 AM

The missing people of Burning Man

I have no real clear idea of who among my online friends are at Burning Man. I know that NakedJen is there. I'm sure quite a few others are as well, because things are really quiet this week on Facebook.

I'm sure the stories are intense, because of the rains, and the closing of the site yesterday, and the mud, and who knows what else. Where did people sleep last night? Are they having a Burning Man experience, while not at Burning Man?

What is really strange is that in this time when we get pictures of every cheeseburger and salad that people have for lunch, there is no play by play of what's going on in Nevada. We're left to wonder what's going on. Which is a rare thing, and assuming everyone is okay, a kind of nice throwback to the way things were before everything and everyone all were so wired.

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