Scripting News: What should TAG Heuer do?#

Scripting News: One way I keep the trolls at bay.#

I now write all my important Facebook posts with Little Facebook Editor for this reason -- the History menu. I have an easy way to get back to any of the messages I post this way. #

So for example when I asked about places to donate a car, a post that got me a lot of good advice, I can quickly get back to it by choosing it from the History menu.#

This is one of the things Facebook is not great at -- finding old posts. Now I have that problem solved. #

Now, if they had linking and styles, I'd be really happy. #

If I were a musician that competed with U2, I would be pissed that Apple just gave them $100 million and a historic distribution deal. After all, in an instant, U2 is the most distributed music of all time. More than the Beatles, Beethoven, anyone. And was it based on some kind of merit? Is Tim Cook really a judge of what's the best music? Doesn't U2 already have billions of dollars? Couldn't they find a better use for the money? #

For a company that makes products that are supposedly about personal creativity, they seem to focus on elite creativity a bit too much. I suspect in their minds, the people who run Apple, and the people who run U2, our function is to admire them, and accept our own mediocrity. This is one reason I find it so galling that the press takes it up the ass so thoroughly for Apple. I would like there to be categories of products with competition. There must be something good about Android watches. But so far the message is the sold-out one. Apple Apple Apple. It's all about Apple. Why should anyone else bother to compete? You lost before you started.#

The NBA has 30 teams. Any one of them can win the championship in any season. If there was only one team that could win, I doubt if there would be much interest in basketball. For some reason tech has always been like this. There was IBM, then Microsoft, now it's Apple. We'll do better when we can accept our technology from a wide variety of sources, including god forbid, ordinary people who just happen to have a lot of talent.#

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