Monday, November 3, 2014 at 11:26 AM

TranceFest 2.0

Tell the story of this picture

Who are these people? They're obviously on CNN. Is it the usual he-said-she-said format? It looks like the man is speaking. Beyond that, I think each of us interprets it differently, depending on a lot of factors.

A picture named testImage.gif

Rules: You can't hear the words they're actually saying, so you have to make them up. What they really said is of no importance. It's what you think is going on that will be revealing, about your point of view. It won't actually say anything about the people in the picture.

Try as best as you can to be nice about it. You can't be respectful because I'm asking you to make up a story. Please don't make it about me, I wasn't there, I'm not any of the people in front of or behind the camera. Thank you in advance.

I did this once before

In July 2000 I posted a picture of Bill Gates talking, with people who work for him listening, some attentively, others not. I asked readers to tell a story. Who are the people in the picture. What just happened. What's about to happen? It was really interesting, but not as interesting, imho as this one.

I called that experiment a TranceFest. This is the second one, hence the title of this post.

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