It's even worse than it appears.
Good morning sports fans!#
Citizen journalism is not a thing. The people are sources. They can now go direct. A source and a journalist are very different things.#
Trump asked at what point will they start laughing at us. He really asked that. Look at your haircut and skin color.#
I'm trying to find a Windows AMI on Amazon that boots up into the explorer. I don't want to have to install a GUI. Help much appreciated.#
John Gruber won't point to blog posts on Facebook either. His blog is a link flow monster. You should listen to him if you want to be heard. #
New Mac feed reader app from Brent Simmons called Evergreen.#
Scripting News looks nice in Evergreen.#
BTW, Brent's reader does a good job with titleless items. #
Using FB as your blog is like dumping plastic in the ocean.#
As China rises in power, filling the vacuum left behind by the United States of Trump, human rights all over the world will decline. Including the US.#
This is the first month rollover for the Old School blogging software. Watching for problems. Not expecting any. This is not new technology. For example, here's the monthly archive page for May, which is now complete. And here's the one for June, just starting. #
Yesterday I made it so that I can edit the icon bar in the outliner I use to write this blog. But I made it so that I can only edit a few of the icons. Now I think I should be able to edit all of them, and change the order, or the icons. I also want to put them in a special out of the way place so they feel like hardware to the non-tinkering user. Nothing worse than giving a person who's not paying attention such powerful and potentially destructive tools. Kind of like El Presidentè. ;-)#
  • Re the conundrum with Windows on AWS.#
  • It's a disaster I tell you. All the new non-obsolete versions of Windows on Amazon come WITHOUT THE GUI.#
  • I'm basically told "Dave you have to figure out how to get your software up here and your data and get a graphic app running... (wait for it) from the COMMAND PROMPT!#
  • We did this because WE HATE YOU.#
  • Signed, Microsoft and/or Amazon but probably Microsoft#
  • Update: Thanks for letting me rant. There are in fact AMIs that have a GUI desktop. Then the question is Can Dave Use It? And alas with my most recent Windows experience being on XP, not really. Not in any meaningful way. #
  • I watched Chris Hayes last night. #
  • If I could get one message through to him, his producers and his guests -- stop laughing about how stupid the president is. It makes you look stupid. #
  • You've been laughing at him all the way, and he won anyway. He's the president. He's as serious as a heart attack. A fatal heart attack. Wipe the grin off your face, and start thinking about what it all means, never mind what you can prove, what is really going on. #
  • Here's what I think. Our govt is being run for the benefit of Russian oligarchs. Figure out what this means for real Americans, the people (you hope) watch your show. I also think there's a good chance the petulant president, angry over the investigation he can't stop with charm and arm-twisting, plans to punish the US until we drop the investigation. A move toward blackmail and hostage-taking. And guess who the hostages are. (You and me and everyone within range of our military.)#
  • I wish Rachel would come back. We need her. #

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