It's even worse than it appears.
Good morning everybody!#
More fun with NPM packages. This one reads OPML files and handles asynchronous includes. This was formerly a local module of PagePark. #
Is World War III starting in the Middle East right now? Qatar, the US, our military base in Qatar, Egypt, ISIS, Saudi Arabia and now Iran, are involved in what? There's a lot of anger going around. And our president, the idiot savant (hopefully or maybe just the idiot) of international politics seems to be in the middle of it. #
If you don't pay attention to which apps have access to your location, your phone is reporting where you are to every company all the time.#
I'm using the word deplorable more and more. I want to make it a normal word. You can help. When El Presidenté does something deplorable call it that. It's a good word. Let's take it back.#
I almost used Uber yesterday but I noticed something deplorable about the app. They want to know your location but only offer two options. Either you never let them know your location or you always do. And of course you can't use the app if they don't have access to your location. Now you could turn it off after the ride, but most people would forget. If you just ride Uber once they get to spy on you all the time. Fucked up company. #
Still no mention on MSNBC that the president is racist and is running the US govt accordingly.#
Re parsing XML in JavaScript apps, there already is a simple way to do it. Of course. That's what makes JS such a great environment to develop in. And the really dumb thing is I already knew about it, tried it, demo'd it. Just 11 days ago. Arrrrgh. Yesterday I said it would be a great idea. My memory is totally overloaded. Thanks to numerous readers for the reminders. ;-)#
  • I have a better idea with regard to pointing to FB posts. #
  • Since they don't allow outgoing links from blog posts, then the new rule is no links going into FB. Instead, just copy the text from FB and paste it into the open web where it can be linked to. Rescue ideas from Facebook lockin. #
  • I did that with Dan Conover's post below. His post is funny, definitely worth a citation on my blog. Instead of complaining in a comment, I just took the text, credited him of course, but no link into FB. #
  • If you want to be on the web you have to follow the rules of the web. The primary rule is that you link to other people when you want to, not when the platform lets you. #
  • Whatever justification you have for using FB for blogging, there is no justification for FB not letting you use the most basic feature of the web. #
  • Actual Politico headline: "Trump floats idea of using solar panels to pay for Mexico wall." Meanwhile, over at The Onion: "We give up. It's pointless."#

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