It's even worse than it appears. is something new to try out. It works like the Slack group without the need to be approved or log in. It's real time. No need to refresh. And it's also brand-new, so it will certainly have bugs. 🍄#
This is a test. For the next sixty seconds this station will conduct a test of the weblog testing system. This is of course not an emergency. So hang out and count your blessings! ☀️#
Re the opening scene of Fargo season 3. They say it's an homage to The Trial by Franz Kafka. Okay then. Very interesting analysis. Thanks to Jim Grinsfelder for the pass-along. #
How tweets are represented in the Scripting News feed. #
Instead of Trump growing to fill the presidency, he's shrinking the presidency to fit Trump. #
So Phil Jackson is finally gone. Now to find a replacement for Dolan. A consolation prize for DJ Trump? Bloomberg? Jeff Bezos?#
  • I'm a daily listener to the Daily podcast.#
  • It's so frustrating when a reporter they interview spends a couple of minutes not explaining. #
  • "It's too complicated for your listeners to understand," the reporter might say. What a waste. You could use the time instead explaining what's going on. Some people might not understand, and some would. With the approach they use, no one understands. Some is better than none, don't you think?#
  • And people who read the Times are smart. Don't you all know that? #

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