It's even worse than it appears.
Someone should write a fictionalized soap-style novel about how the Trump campaign hooked up with Russia to take the White House. All the whacky even supernatural things that happen when a foreign country takes control of the United States. Fill in the blanks, all of them. When facts become known, and the narrative differs from reality, update it. Share the doc in GitHub repo so you can see the changes. It would be a fascinating new media way to cover this story, to make it understandable and interesting. The movie rights could be incredible.#
I don't think it matters what Repubs do, or if it's collusion or treason or leads to impeachment or is legally anything. What matters is what do you think about sleazebags selling us out to the Russian mob? #
Net neutrality is an issue for a set of big companies relative to another set. Users don't have a reason to support one over the other. Neither group has made a pitch to users that mean anything other than more control of the net by big companies. The tech industry has fooled you if you think they're your friends. #
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  • How do you know the Russian lawyer didn't bring the dirt? My guess is she did. In June 2016, Trump has the nomination. Putin knows he can't work with Clinton. He wants the sanctions lifted. They already have the Democratic emails. How to monetize them? This meeting probably was among the first official meetings between Russia and Trump. Trump had been meeting with Russian surrogates for months, perhaps unknowingly. But this was official. The lawyer listened, heard what Trump wants and they gave it to him. Remember the emails did leak. That's what Junior said he wanted. Now you have to connect the dots. Find more meetings later in the summer and into the fall. Collusion is hardly the issue. Whether they broke the law, not the issue. They sold out our country. That should piss everyone off. #
  • I got a few emails from people who say they would like to review products in the style that Mike Arrington did, as described in my post from a couple of days ago. Okay, if you want to do it -- then do it. That's how this works.#
  • I recommend starting by going through products that associate themselves with the #indieweb. Review them, one at a time, based on actual use. Use them as a user would. Don't try to say what you think I want you to say, say what you see and think. How well do they interop? Do they deliver on the indieness? How could they improve? #
  • If you want you can email me a link. No guarantees I will point to them, but I will read them.#
  • This is a replay of another great story.#
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