It's even worse than it appears.
Good morning free speech fans! 🌎#
The old formula for TV news doesn't work anymore. #
Twitter is not a team sport. It's a place for individuals to wail about how the world mistreats them.#
This will be hard to unsee.#
  • The last 20 minutes, the great battle, was sheer movie mastery.#
  • It was the culmination of huge art, the marrying of the story-telling of the ages with the latest technology. #
  • My mouth was agape from beginning to end at the mastery of every aspect of it.#
  • As I reported yesterday I have been modularizing my Node work by creating packages of reusable code. The first one I want to show you is called opmlToJs. It does two things well:#
    • Parses an OPML string and turns it into a JavaScript object.#
    • Takes one of those objects and turns it turns it back into an OPML string.#
  • The JSON object it produces is set up the way all my outline-processing tools in JavaScript expect them, so it works with the outlineBrowser toolkit and many others.#
  • If you have to consume OPML or generate it, opmlToJs makes it easy.#
  • OPML is a standard XML-based file format used for outlines, presentations and lists for RSS feed readers. River5 uses OPML to import and export feed lists. Fargo and Little Outliner use OPML as the file format. OPML has been around since 2000.#
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please post an issue on the GitHub project. #

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