It's even worse than it appears.
The question is what if anything is left after Trump is done.#
When Trump hosted Russians in the Oval Office everyone thought they planted listening devices. Now in August they're tearing it down. #
As the war situation gets worse, the thought of Trump supporters going crazy with their guns seems tame. The NRA needs to get them nukes.#
Think about offering Trump a few billion dollars to resign. Most presidents would be insulted, but I have a feeling Trump would be tempted.#
During the campaign Trump very openly said he might use nuclear weapons. That disqualified him to be the person who decides when to use them. Yet here we are. It was 100 percent predictable we'd be where we are now. And it's likely to get even worse. It's hard to see how we come back from this. #
  • When I started programming seriously in JavaScript, I did what a lot of programmers do, I started a utils file where I put all the general-purpose routines I like to have around. #
  • That's what daveutils is. An NPM package of handy JavaScript functions. #
  • Frontier programmers will find these functions immediately familiar. They are borrowed from the builtin verb set of Frontier. And of course those routines were borrowed from the programming I did on the Mac before there was a Frontier. So these names go a long way back. #
  • BTW, this is the second in the series of NPM packages I'm going to roll out here on Scripting News. The first was opml2JS, introduced on August 7.#

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