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Thursday, November 16, 2017
Podcast: For news orgs, wouldn't it be nice not to be dependent on Twitter and Facebook? There may be a little pain at first, but on the other side is freedom to move, to innovate, to radically improve the news experience on the net. #
New Scripting News feature: If I tweet an item from the blog, which is more likely now with the 280 char limit, it's automatically set up to be expandable so you can see the tweet if you want. Like the item below. #
It would be interesting to see a list of billionaires, with a column for their net worth, annual income, and how much they would receive each year from the Repub tax bill. Let's see the numbers. Let's expose the billionaires who are pulling the Repubs strings. #
New BingeWorthy feature. The names on the Hotlist page are now linked to the voting panel for that program on the main page. So if you see a program on the Hotlist and want to vote, do a search, or the other features that are sure to come, click the link. #
There's now a JSON file that contains the hotlist data. It changes at most once a minute, so please don't read it more often than that. #
October 31 is when I started the BingeWorthy outreach.#
I only make software that I use. When I've tried to make software that I don't use, it usually comes out unusable. It's gotten so that I write software only for my own use. I don't even release some of the best stuff. That way I can break the entire user base and they don't complain. 💥#
The Repub tax law is a direct consequence of Citizens United. #
Please choose a browser from this list. #

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