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Monday, November 27, 2017
Barney Frank was on Lawrence O'Donnell's show this evening, explaining what Trump is up to in financial regulation in a clear way that you never hear on cable news. O'Donnell interrupted when he was just about to nail it. He kept talking and was almost going to pull it all together when O'Donnell interrupted again and said "We have to leave it there." What was so urgent? A complete rehash of the Access Hollywood thing. So frustrating. Would someone please get Barney Frank on a podcast and let him talk for an hour. He has something to say that no one else is saying.#
Trump is an actor who plays a reality TV version of a president.#
The plan outlined below failed miserably. You simply can't walk in Manhattan without territorial strategies or people just walk into you. I had a Fresh Direct delivery guy force me into a wall with his cart. That's when I realized this couldn't work, and I pushed his cart away. The working hypothesis: Give an inch and they take a mile. Eye contact must never be made or all hope is lost. Walking in NYC is a contact sport. I don't know how really old people do it without getting crushed. #
Yesterday I was shopping at the local Whole Foods. On the way out the crowd slows to get on an escalator. A guy cuts in front of me and a few others, just shoving us out of his way. This kind of pissed me off. It happens a lot in NYC. Walking is very competitive. So right then I decided to do the opposite. There was a person on my right about a half-step behind. I stopped, and said after you, with a gesture of my hand. They said thanks. Then I did it again and again. People mostly didn't notice, but I thought this is a good thing in the end of year rush in NY. It's crazy time here. So I'm going to step back and let other people in ahead of me. See where that goes. #
When I'm looking for right margin pictures, I often search on my own blog using a key concept from the post. So I just searched for food. There are lots of great images that go with food on my blog. There's a great picture of Nick Denton from 17 years ago. I hardly recognized him, he's so young. We were at Jing Jing, the spicy noodles place in Palo Alto. This is before Gawker, when he was starting up Moreover, an RSS-based venture, which he sold to Verisign at the same time I sold them
And just as I'm finishing up my last post, the hammering and drilling starts again in a neighbor's apartment. This is not going to be a fun day. #

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