It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday, December 17, 2017
Have you noticed that Google is making it much harder to find the Wikipedia page on a topic. I'm now looking for the page for The Crown Season 2 on Google. It isn't even on the first page of results. That can't be an accident. It isn't as if Wikipedia doesn't use HTTPS. They must have violated some other strategy tax of Google's? They are becoming less and less trustworthy over time. #
Matt Damon got mostly sharp criticism because people who are not sharply critical of him are sharply criticized. There's a toxic atmosphere around this topic. People mistakenly see other points of view as abuse. They're just ideas! If you disagree, disagree. It's cool. But don't make people shut up. You can't show them they're wrong if they don't speak, and you might find you're wrong about some things too. You don't solve problems that require cooperation by making people scared to speak. #

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