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Thursday, January 18, 2018
There was an outage on earlier today. I let a domain expire, thinking it wasn't in use. Haha. Okay. I renewed it. It seems to be resolving here, so the outage should be over. Sorry. I'll be more careful in the future. 🚀#
Journalists still think they were/are bloggers. Reporters using blogging tools is not blogging. Bloggers are reporters' sources. They say blogging is over because their professional CMSes caught up? They're in a bubble. A profession that should be good at listening only actually listens to itself. #
Much of what I read in #metoo writing paints men solely as women haters. That's all there is to say about us. Your father, brother, son, uncle, cousin, friends, we only exist to hate women. That of course is not true. I think what we all want, men and women, is to relax, to be loved, to feel safe, pleasure, acceptance, and secure for the moment. That's imho most of what we're looking for in love. No specific gender.#
Update on the Feeds for Journalists project. "The current list doesn't have much meta-news or news-about-news. It's mostly just plain news. I am totally in favor of adding Canadian feeds, but for news orgs that are producing news about Canada, and news from a Canadian perspective."#
I support the NYT turning over its editorial page to Trump voters. But we keep hearing from them. How about Clinton voters next. And black voters. And people who didn't vote. And so on. Let's hear more from people outside the elite bubble.#
Where you see Americans trashing each other online, use your imagination. How are trolls, some Russian, some from elsewhere, instigating to make it worse, increase the hurt, damage, deepen the division, make it more permanent?#

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