It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday, January 27, 2018
Braintrust query: How to create a simple MySQL report? #
That feeling when a software project starts working and you know it's a huge harbinger of great things to come, but if you showed it to someone else they'd go huh ummm nice, I don't get it, what's for lunch. #
More and more I believe the role of universities will be creating knowledge in the form of ongoing open source projects.#
When Trump says he has accomplished a lot in his first year, he's right. They're just not acts most people would view positively. Like disabling the EPA and dismantling the State Dept. Luckily they haven't managed (yet) to destroy the DOJ.#
Julia Evans, a tech blogger from Montreal, posted a list of tech blogs she follows, on GitHub in OPML and Markdown. I love the way this is going. It's perfect. I haven't heard of any of the blogs. I suspect that's what's happening. Lots of pockets of bloggers here and there, not connected together because of the huge roar or Twitter and Facebook. It's like setting up a bunch of music venues on the shore of a raging river. #

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