It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, March 19, 2018
I like public transit. I don't use cars much. I identify with the pedestrian who was killed in Tempe. I often cross streets outside crosswalks. I ride bikes in the city. I depend on interaction with drivers to stay safe. No one asked me if I want self-driving cars. If they did I'd say no. Let's invest in mass transit, and concentrate people, so we have a chance at saving our species. More reliance on cars is the wrong way to go. #
George Girton: "OMG thank you for posting such a funny article about Powder Mountain, formerly a ski resort in a relatively flat area of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. I skied there about 30 years ago with my young daughter. We had a great time. In a good year, they still get enough snow that you can ski there. I think the only ski areas for sale these days are the ones that aren’t really worth anything anymore.(At least as ski areas). Anyway, thanks for that Guardian article, what a send up. That was great!"#

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