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Saturday, April 7, 2018
I love the way the Twitter devs joined up and respectfully documented a problem they were having with the Twitter API. No powerlessness. Just facts. And I love that Twitter read what they wrote, and said they'd work with them. Everyone involved deserves maximum credit.#
BTW lost in all the Trump hooplah, there was a successful teacher's march in West Virginia and Oklahoma, and one on the way in Arizona. The Open Source podcast covers it, as always, in a thoughtful and exciting way. #
The rule of links: "Linking is an art. It's a choice. You don't link from every word or even every noun, or from the subject of every sentence. But when a reader reasonably would want to know more about the subject, the Rule of Links says you should link to it." #
UX tip. I clicked on a wrong link in my bank website. I wanted to quickly get out. I clicked the Cancel button. A dialog appeared asking if I really want to cancel. Yes or no. This is dissonant. I do not want to click YES when I'm saying get me the fcuk out of here now.#
I have a new credit card. This morning I paid for a Starbuck's using Apple Pay. I expected it to fail because I hadn't updated the number. It worked. When I looked it already had the new number. Before I did.#
I generally don't like to look at how mailbox-type readers render this site. The best I've seen are ones that ignore titleless posts. At least they don't show the reader a mangled version of my writing. Then there's the ones that repeat the body of titleless posts in the title. So you see my writing twice, as if I had a stutter. It's not my stutter, the text only appears once in my feed. Readers that get on board with titleless posts are helping to open the door for new kinds of blogging. I've chosen to ignore their ignoring and just plow ahead. BTW, when I say "new way" I really mean "old way." My blog, the original one, esp for RSS support, had titleless posts years before RSS existed. And the format allows titleless posts. So those that don't support them can't really claim to support RSS. #
BTW, here's an archive page from this blog in 1996. Look at how the format is evolving. Lots of title-less posts. It's a good format. A lot like Twitter, btw. 💥#

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