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Monday, April 16, 2018
18-minute podcast about the Denver newspapers and Berkeleyside. The Denver news orgs are doing something unusual, crossing the wall between publishing and editorial. And Berkeleyside, a local news org who just did a public offering of stock, and eliminated the wall between publishing and editorial. Have a listen and think if perhaps this isn't a better way forward for news than paywalls and hedge-fund ownership.#
I wish the Democrats were self-aware enough to choose the strongest candidate to run against Trump or whoever is the Republican nominee in 2020. People still think in terms of a perfect candidate. Dems don't have any. But that's not a problem because the Repubs don't have any either. Imho what we need is someone who appeals to the massive core of American voters, without betraying us to the super-rich. Never mind who appeals to you -- you're going to vote rationally. Think about the massive number of voters who don't. I don't think they're fascists or KKKs, I think they are emotional and want to feel good. Who can give a rousing even angry speech that gets people to feel good about themselves without tearing other people down (except for Trump of course). That's the one. Imho#
Sometimes things have to fall apart before they can start to make sense again. When they write the history of the web, if they get the story right, a big event will be the San Francisco newspaper strike in 1994. A lot of ideas came together there, across a wide divide. It showed us how news and tech are inextricably entwined.#
The best part of the Comey interview last night was when he asked what the f*ck were Russians doing in the Oval Office, without any Americans there other than the president (who is obviously a Russian tool).#

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