It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Imagine a Twitter where the limit wasn't expressed in the number of characters, but in the number of vertical pixels.#
A friend who uses Feedly told me about his collection of NYT feeds. He sent a pointer, where Feedly offered me a chance to use his list. But only on Feedly. Ugh. Ideally, they would let me have the list in OPML form. I suspect they do, but if so, it's not obvious esp to someone who would want the list in OPML, i.e. someone who is not a frequent Feedly user, such as yours truly. This is the problem with commercial vendors who build on open formats. They don't reciprocate. They consume the openness. This happened before. Even better if they offered a dynamic link to the user's collection, so I could add the link to the OPML to my reader and if his collection changed I'd be updated. Remember the big idea of the web, people return to places that send them away. Feedly is doing the opposite, trying to suck people in and hold them. This is the tech industry philosophy, and it will imho be its downfall.#
"Hannity has no ethics" is not news. #
I would pay a fee to subscribe to a group of news pubs. I think this is necessary, but this should be created and managed independent of the tech industry. News already looks to tech to be its sugar daddy which leads to fawning coverage, and a huge conflict, at a time when tech is more in the news than ever, and deserving of scrutiny. Tech controlling news flow, especially Apple, which has little respect for criticism, free speech, spells the end of any semblance of independence of news. Also I'm hearing more that paywalls are seriously stifling the flow of news, at a time when we need better flow. Apple would not be good for that either. #

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