It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018
The problem with juggernauts like the Golden State Warriors is that they become boring. It's the same act as last year. They're bored, and I can tell I will be bored too, soon. And next year? Not again, please. This happened with the Miami Heat. Once you win three championships in say five years, the team should be required to reset. Otherwise the NBA itself is doomed to be boring. #
Yes, Michael Avenatti is showing what the press could do if it didn't care about access or what other journalists think. He's showing us what's out there for journalists to discover. Inevitably they'll rise to the challenge. He and Michelle Wolf are taking advantage of the lameness of journalism in 2018. Good!#
I've been thinking about how we were told not to accept this stuff as normal, but people are misinterpreting that as "do not accept it." That's a bug. Because until we accept that we have a royal family, we won't be able to mobilize to oust it. We're lucky because we still have a legal system that's designed to overthrow monarchs. #
One could argue reasonably that the Citizens United decision made an American monarchy inevitable.#
Signal which I started using a few weeks ago and am encouraging others to use is open source. The desktop version is an Electron app. #

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