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Wednesday, May 16, 2018
I checked in on the River5 instance we set up on Glitch in April, and it's still running. Quite nicely, actually. Good work! 💥 #
A Guardian piece about blogging at Harvard in 2003. I was pretty radical back then. But you see Twitter as an extension of blogging, pretty much everything I said actually happened. I thought there was a chance of journalism getting on board, that seems so naive today. I've become a lot more cynical, for good cause. #
Another idea for a new social media app/feature. A club of peers, people with the same number of followers, a similar kind of following, similar background, similar influence with others. Let an algorithm decide all this. Say 40 peers per group. You get one coupon for each, and with that coupon you can send a message to an individual. It's labeled as such. The one shot you have to influence another person. No second chances, no discussion, just a simple pitch. You can use as much text as you like, but beware the recipient is under no obligation to read any of it. You can use links, simple styling, paragraphs.#
Braintrust query: I'm confused by what Twitter is doing with their API. #

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