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Tuesday, June 5, 2018
20-minute podcast on lessons learned from Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub. Show notes follow. The Battlestar Galactica quote: "All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again." Douglas Adams wrote The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Microsoft's first CFO was Frank Gaudette. Microsoft's 2017 sales were approx $90 billion. Bottom-line: Advice to MS, add a feature that allows users to redirect from their GitHub repos, and consider a "loyalty dividend" for pre-Microsoft GitHub users, and establish a new tradition in tech acquisitions, a windfall for users. #
JS code to ask AWS if an S3 path is a folder with files in it.#
Government. Journalism. The people. Tech. They are all connected and indistinguishable. You can’t understand one without understanding them all.#
The Node debugger is great. Finally I have a full server-side debugger, and it's making it possible for me to make more complex code. I added a feature to PagePark that allows it to serve from an S3 location. Not just delegate to Amazon's server, which it could do before, you get the full PagePark functionality for S3-stored content. It's done through config.json in the domain's folder. I'm going to use it in conjunction with publicfolder, finally, to get the Dropbox delay out of my writing for the site, which I do with a desktop outliner. #
And here's a doc about publicFolder that's managed by publicFolder. #
Apparently a lot of people don't know there's a Starbucks app. There is. And it's great. You can order anything, ahead of your arrival, and it's waiting for you when you get there. Totally takes the hassle out of Starbucks. #
Mindfulness is observing your own behavior.#
Idea for a cable news show. Every night they poll a random group of Americans with questions relating to the news of the day. A cross-section, not just liberals or conservatives, all regions, races, etc. They don't know that it's the show polling them. A real polling organization runs it. Pundits discuss what the people think. Last night they would have asked this question. Do you think the president should be able to pardon him or herself? The choices would be: Yes but only Repubs, Yes but only Dems, Yes, No. #
What inspired the idea. In all the talk on MSNBC last night about the president pardoning himself not once did anyone ask if there was a benefit to American people in the president being able to do so. Seems the journalism, if you can call it that, has lost the tune. The tune is this: A government of the people, by the people and for the people. Part of Gettysburg Address.#
Why Trump lied about the Eagles kneeling. He was embarrassed that most of the players didn’t want to hang out with him, so he made up a story to hide that.#

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