It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, June 11, 2018
Here's an OPML file of the top US news sites, created by I added it to my River5 installation, so now we're getting updates from all these pubs. You're welcome to bookmark it. #
Here's a page, being served over HTTPS, that includes HTTP files. None of the code works. Look in the JS console, you'll see lots of errors. Converting to HTTPS isn't just about servers, you'll have to deal with a lot of old HTML, styles and script files. #
Trump is Obama-inverse. He hates the G7 because they loved Obama. He loves KJU because he and Obama hated each other. He hates Iran because Obama did a deal with them. He loves coal because Obama loves clean energy. Etc etc.#
Kevin Marks suggested looking at for ideas on how to handle date and base64 values in the JSON version of XML-RPC. It gave me an idea for another approach. Basically, when JSON has a syntax for a type, just include the data (int, double, boolean, string, struct, array). When it doesn't, represent it with an object with two properties, #type and #value. The second example illustrates this approach. #
At what point will non-Repubs feel compelled to do more than wait for the Repubs to do something? They obviously are not going to.#
Google and HTTP is getting a lot of engagement today. #

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