It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, June 12, 2018
A new standalone river from the list.#
A video that Trump showed Kim Jong Un at their meeting. #
Anna Masera is interviewing me. What questions should she ask?#
Remember how the Obama campaign in 2008 used meetups to get out the vote. Let's do that again. Put the focus on getting people to register and to vote to be sure Congress represents the people's interest starting early next year, and to get Trump out of the White House asap so we can start rebuilding. #
Journalists will only say what's been proven, so they feign not knowing things that every sentient being knows. Which keeps them from going the next step to see theories that might explain why Trump is the way he is. Why does Trump love Putin, Netanyahu, Kim Jong Un? Why does he hate the G7? His algorithm might be just this simple -- he's the inverse image of Obama. Where Obama is light, Trump is dark. And vice versa. He likes what Obama doesn't, and he hates what Obama likes. #
How about a Chrome plug-in that redirects from each Google site to a competitive site. So when you go to do a Google search, it takes you to for example. Installing it would be like wearing a nicotine patch.#

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