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Monday, June 25, 2018
New feature. When you click on a link to an image from Scripting News it opens in a dialog. It works on an archive page and on the home page. It only works on pages posted today or in the future. Still diggin! 💥#
I now have Happy Friends running with the new Twitter callback constraints. You may have to log off and log back on to get it to save your changes.#
This should be aTV show. Believe it or not it would do a lot of good. Not by shaming people, but by showing them in real terms why the ideas they're hearing are wrong.#
At a campaign event, Claire McCaskill asks everyone who has a pre-existing condition to stand. Almost everyone does. This should be done at every Democratic rally, dinner or meetup so it's understood how important coverage of P-E-Ds is.#
In Italy I saw everyone wearing nice sunglasses. My problem is that when I buy nice ones I lose them. So I buy shitty sunglasses, in bulk, and let them get lost. But in Italy I couldn't even stand to take them out because everyone had such nice sunglasses. When I got home, I splurged, and bought a new pair of Raybans. They are beautiful. And they make what I see beautiful too. I will probably lose these too, though I may be developing a system for not losing them. We'll see. In the meantime I am enjoying them. #
Inside the government I bet they're thinking the mistake they made with the zero tolerance border policy is letting the story leak out. This was the conclusion of the Bush II administration re Vietnam, that the mistake was letting pictures of flag-draped coffins get out. So they prevented that in the Iraq War. Also a big tax cut and no draft. That bought peace at home for a war that was just as wrong as Vietnam. #
I updated the Google and HTTP faq to include a section about the email I received from them on June 20.#
What Google’s “not secure” means: “Google tried to take control of the open web and this site said no.”#

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