It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, July 9, 2018
One of my favorite Twitter feeds to follow.#
It might just be dawning on Steven Miller that his life will suck after Trump fires him.#
We need a political party that spans international boundaries. I want to read a blog written by a Brit that explains what's going on. Who is their Lindsey Graham? Nancy Pelosi? Al Sharpton? I want to know who I should be reading from Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, etc.#
For years I was really confused about what blogging is, after Twitter and Facebook. In May last year I decided I wanted my old blog back, the one I started in 1997. Now, a year later, I realize it really works. The 280 char limit in Twitter helps because I can cross-post shorter posts there. Here's a screen shot.#
Just did a little shopping. Went to Whole Foods to pick up fruit, bread, Italian sparkling water (a habit I developed on my recent trip). I used the newly installed Whole Foods app using my Amazon ID to get a discount. I used Apple Pay to pay for it. On my way out the store I used the Starbuck's app to buy an iced coffee and breakfast sandwich, which was there when I arrived two minutes later. I remarked to the checkout guy at Whole Foods that this is the future. He asked if I was a robot. I thought a bit, smiled, and said yeah almost. 💥#

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