It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Occam's News says the reason Trump is so deferential to Putin is that he is deeply in debt to Russian oligarchs. His problem isn't a pee tape, it's that Trump's wealth is Russian wealth. That fact is about to come out publicly, and Trump was afraid it would come out at the press conference, with the whole world watching with the cameras on his face. That's what they talked about privately, and that's why Putin had such a big grin. He has Trump's balls in a jar on his desk back in Moscow. #
How to put this -- it's nice when a journalist or political figure correctly explains out how technology works. For example, Noah Smith, an opinion writer for Bloomberg, advises a columnist for the Washington Post that muting on Twitter is not a good idea, that blocking works better. I saw his post because it was RT'd by Brad DeLong, an economic historian at UC-Berkeley. I chimed in -- "You are right. They are trolling you, [and when you mute them] you just don't know it." And even if you block them, they can and do still go one-on-one with people who engage with you, and there are no tools on Twitter to stop that. But at least when you block them you keep them from broadcasting to everyone who follows you. Bottom-line: Block trolls, don't mute.#

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