It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, July 20, 2018
Russia has been hacking our political system, not meddling or interfering. Further, Trump isn't embarrassing the United States, he's humiliating it.#
Matt Groening still isn't listening. Apu is lovable. The problem is not political correctness, or people being offended, it’s that Apu creates problems for Indian-Americans because there are so few South Asian characters on TV. Apu dominates. I'm sure the Simpsons and Groening didn't intend it, but it's happening just the same. #
Bike riding pro tip. If you want to ride faster, be sure your tires are fully inflated.#
Andrew Sullivan explains, convincingly, that the idea of appealing to the conscience of Repubs is misguided. They've made it very clear that to the extent they have such things, they will have no influence on what they do. This piece is required reading, imho. And the business-as-usual approach of Bernie Sanders et al is unsupportable. We need to close ranks. Stop trying to optimize and just focus on getting the Repubs out of our government, asap.#
MyWord Editor needed to be updated. πŸš€ #

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