It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Jeff Sessions, top law enforcment officer of the land. #
A Republican trifecta. Spicer is a mess, Sessions is a little trollish Nazi and Hatch isn't dead yet. #
How to cut down trolling on Twitter -- give people control over who can reply to them. The more followers you have the more incentive there is to post something inflammatory as a reply. Muting is nice, but it only prevents them from replying to you. Long after you've stopped seeing their trollish droppings, they are still getting flow for their abuse with replies. On some posts, no replies, please. Or replies only visible to me, no one else. Or replies only from people I follow. Or, as Facebook does, let the originator of the post remove trollish comments. #
Poll: How do you feel about Twitter polls that don’t offer you a real choice?#
Getting a late start today after wrestling with hoisting and fighting back a summer cold. Still going bike riding this afternoon. It's so good for my state of well-being. #

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