It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, August 20, 2018
Brent Simmons has been working on a Frontier port, for the modern Mac OS. He's naming the project Ranier. I like it, esp because the last three letters are ier, which says the foundation originated in Frontier, but it also frees up Brent to follow the product where it wants to go. 💥#
A union of Twitter users with say over 1 million followers each, if they agreed to provide flow for blog posts that covered certain news areas that are being ignored by the news industry, could fairly quickly reform the flow of news.#
Journalism has lots of problems, but the really big one is that distribution is a mess. There needs to be an EU of news. And a euro. It's no longer an idea for the future, it's a model that should have been implemented long ago, and we should be growing based on it. #
One of the few journalists with courage is comedian John Oliver. This week's show, on trade wars, is essential viewing, and it's also incredibly funny. #
Why can't journalism change asks Jon Chait and so many other people. #

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