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Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Poll: Do you think Mueller has Trump's tax returns?#
I've always thought the home page of the NYT should be a simple reverse chronologic list of stories. Like the teletype of days gone by. It's how I like to get my news. The newest stuff first.#
Here's a Node app that backs up a bunch of files from my blog onto a GitHub repository every night. So in case my servers ever go offline, there's another copy of the content, kept current automatically, on GitHub. It's good starter code for your own backup app. I rewrote it in the last couple of days to also back up the glossary and a few other files that were being copied by another process running in Frontier. #
John Dvorak shares the secret of successful trolling of Mac zealots.#
Inside Higher Ed has a story about the Berkman blogs. They raise the right issues. Can't we do better than just throwing away archives, esp from a project that yielded such good results. I'm also not sure what Berkman meant about the blogs being antiquated. They seem to be saying people would be better off writing on Facebook or Twitter. Blogs have significant advantages over writing for social networks. There are tradeoffs. Perhaps the server software hasn't been updated. That could be a problem. We can help with the decisions Harvard is making. But there has to be communication first.#
Today I learned that calls to davegithub are not re-entrant, meaning you have to wait till call N completes before starting call N+1. #
Just got this email from Google saying that some pages of mine are violating their Adsense policy. As far as I can recall, I don't have Google ads on any of my pages. Maybe at one time I tried it out on the XML-RPC site, but I don't think they're there anymore. Whatever. I tried to find a listing somewhere of the errors, and their site doesn't make it easy to find, if it's there at all. #
Emptying a folder with over 5 million items, it's already taken an hour, I get dialogs like this at random times. The current Mac OS is 25-plus years old. It took 10 minutes to preflight the deletion, couldn't all the confirmations be up front, so it can do this operation unattended?#
On the Mac we had a phonebook size doc called Inside Macintosh. It was divided into toolkits, which were analogous to packages. At the beginning of each chapter was the theory, tightly written and edited. You might have to read a couple of times before grokking. Then all the calls you could make against the objects. As a result devs not only understood how to program the platform, but also understood the theory. I realize now that we are missing the equivalent doc for the web. Of course it wouldn't be printed. As a result you fumble around in the dark on a lot of stuff, not really understanding why things are the way they are, what the designers were thinking, and then years later it dawns on you. It's not too late imho to fill in this missing piece. #
Thinking about where I am in re a Linux version of Frontier. I just realized that my collection of GitHub projects amount to the built-in verb set of Frontier. There are big missing pieces, and they aren't tied together in an object database, but the functionality is there. I am often reminded of this, when writing a utility script that would take minutes in Frontier, and I'm already on Day Two in JavaScript. For example, here's the JS code for the daveutils package. I even use the same names as in Frontier, but without the Frontier syntax. #
We, who accuse the Repubs of cowardice, are just as scared as they are. Or we'd start striking, with picket lines. Shut the economy down until Trump leaves. It may ultimately come to that, but who knows, by then it might be too late. It's not too late now.#

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