It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, August 24, 2018
A young Paul Simon explains how he wrote the music for The Graduate in an interview with Dick Cavett. He was really sweet and intense and oozed creativity. Earlier today I listened to a podcast interview with Robbie Robertson from The Band, remembering how they did Music from Big Pink, recorded 50 years ago in a house in Saugerties, NY (near Woodstock). I love to hear how creative people do their thing. #
Some people don't seem to mind if you know they're mean or corrupt. I've had this experience a few times. I guess they feel I can't do them any harm, so why not share their depravity? Funny thing is, eventually they all come to care that I knew. One of the mysteries of life. Our dear president appears to be one of those people, on a grand scale. And his chickens may be coming home to roost. #
To believe Trump, the US is scared of letting the world in. They should come to NYC, where their beloved Fox News originates. What they’ll experience is a huge city that works. A melting pot of every culture on earth. In other words, they’ll see America.#

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