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Saturday, August 25, 2018
ObamaCare is still the law. McCain's vote was instrumental in keeping it from being gutted. McCain died earlier today. #
I want a bank/brokerage website that has an easy UI. I don't care about commissions. My auto insurance company website is fast and easy. This builds trust, believe it or not. Nothing is worse than a bank that can't run a proper website. It's 2018, some bank should excel by now.#
What I hate most about Chrome's NOT SECURE message is that this is all they could think of to say about my wonderful blog. A blog that predates Google itself by four years. It's got humor and sadness, fun and tech tips. Yet all they can say is yuck we don't like this site. We welcomed Google. Even loved them. And this is what's become of them. Heartless and soulless. Bullies. No love. #
There's a new brand of bike sharing in NYC now. Yesterday I saw two bright red bikes, shaped like a Lime bike or CitiBike, with a plastic basket up front. Didn't have time to read the logo/branding. Both in Manhattan. Andy DeSoto says they're Jump bikes. And guess what, they say on their site they're available now in NYC. (But only in Staten Island and Westchester.)#
I've been saying this for decades. Every brand should have an iconic image that bloggers can crib. What that means is this -- a product shot on a white or transparent background. Large enough for large product shots, and for right margin images, we can make them smaller. I wanted to put a Jump bike in the right margin, but when I do an image search, all I see are bikes being ridden or parked with lots of not-easily cropped backgrounds. No free advertising for Jump. #
I have a friend who's an accomplished computer scientist, really smart and creative in that area. Also a good teacher. But in politics he's a snotty bastard, he uses logic that could never work in debugging code. I wonder how such contradictions happen? Really puzzling.#
I like inclusive movements. I don’t care how you got to the party. Whether you took the subway, walked, came by spaceship or were driven by your chauffeur. What’s important is you’re here. That's also the philosophy of America, btw.#

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