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Sunday, August 26, 2018
The OPML Editor is my fork of the Frontier code base, started in 2004. It runs on today's Macs. In the flurry of activity in April, I broke the Mac part of the download page. I have now fixed it. 💥#
The best reason to vote Democratic: Real oversight of Trump.#
I've decided to get involved on Instagram. My name is davew there. It's weird they don't let you post pictures from the desktop web browser. You have to go into the JS debugger and tell it to emulate a phone browser. Then you can upload an image.#
I'm also going to start using Mastodon. I see they call their posts toots. I'm sorry but that makes me think of farts. If they'd have asked me I'd have said to call them grunts or snorts. After all I can't imagine a mastodon tooting. That's the kind of thing a monkey might do. BTW, little known fact, my handle on CompuServe back in the 80s was Mastodon. PS: I absolutely despise dark backgrounds. Hurts my eyes. I can only read dark text on light backgrounds. #
Ever since Facebook turned off the API, doing something new with Little Card Editor has been on my todo list. One thing I wanted to be able to do is include a card in my blog, the same way I include a tweet. I thought I'd have to factor out the card renderer in the app, so I could call it from my blog renderer, but there's a much dumber and simpler approach, just include the image of the card as it appears in Twitter. It works. As you can see in this post. So I am able to do that now. Bingo. ✓#

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