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Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Scripting News archive for 9/11/2001. Start at the bottom and scroll up. It began as a normal day, and then... BTW, this is one of a few thousand days I've been blogging at this location. We still have no plan for how this archive will persist, nor the archive for your blog. Think about that when you click on all the broken links from that day. #
Braintrust query: GitHub API questions. How to find the root of a repo for the tree api, and are the content and tree APIs deprecated as of Oct 1? #
JavaScript sample code to get the directory of a GitHub repo. #
Minor epiphany. A GitHub repository is very much like a Frontier object database. Makes me think #variables might make sense here, esp if you're using the repo to store a website. The Website Framework comes to the Unix world in a surprising way? Hmm.#
For a while I was thinking riding season was over in NYC, but then the weather got a bit warmer, and I couldn't resist. It had been a few days. I wanted to get back on my wheels. I got rained on, but no problem, I was dressed for it. And nothing beats the feeling after a good bike workout. The endorphins are singing their feel-good reward. Lal la la Dave did good, they seem to be saying. And in my mind I think there must be a way to get this feeling in the winter too. #
Should j-schools have a course in civic writing for non-journalism majors? Kind of like basic writing taught in English departments, but for public writing? I bet Thomas Jefferson would’ve gone for it.#
A question all tech companies should be prepared to answer and users should be asking. What's the plan for when your company goes away. What will become of what I created here? I am sure none of the companies we pour our lives into have any kind of plan.#
Our number one post 9/11 failure — selfishness. A failure of ours to see how interdependent we are. We don’t live on a frontier. Without each other we would all perish.#
Crowdpac is running a compelling campaign to convince Senator Collins to do the right thing re Kavanaugh, and I would donate if I had more of an idea about who Crowdpac is and if they can be trusted. Also we need two Republican votes, and all the Democratic votes to send Kavanaugh back to the appellate court. Where is the campaign for the second Repub, and the campaign to be sure no Dems defect?#
Now that Twitter is somewhat algorithmic, it's got the same problem as Facebook. I see the same tweet every time I visit. 19 hours after posting. I must have seen it a dozen times. It wasn't funny the first time. #

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