It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
This. Civic space, open to all, on the left. The most expensive real estate in the world, to the right. The net should look like this too.#
Great bike ride today, might be the last summer-weather ride of 2018. It's 82 and humid. It's a fluke for it to be this warm on Sept 26. There's nothing like a good workout to improve the spirits. It's chemical. 🚀#
Continuing work on the new githubpub. One of the ideas I've been working towards is a similar kind of hierarchy in the repo as we had in the Frontier object database. I don't think it's practical to do the data gathering the website framework does as part of building a page. But there's a compromise, the idea of a default location. If I look for a template, for example, and don't find it in your database (i.e. repository), I then look in the system repo. It works. Not as cool as a completely hierarchic system, but two levels is better than one.#
Here's a page with a list of all the object databases for websites, available for download. Many of the sites are still running, thanks to Jake Savin. I want to be sure that in the future as much of what we created at UserLand is preserved. You need a copy of Frontier or the OPML Editor to read these files. #
Twitter and Facebook turned us all into attention junkies. Before that, blogging. Before that, I have no recollection of life before that. 💥#

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