It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday, September 29, 2018
The illustration of this moment in our civic life. #
I was happy to see this thread on Twitter. And this post from Ashley Judd. We're in this together, people of all genders. #
I wonder when the world is going to be fed up with us. Half of the US population feels like they've been screwed, and the funny thing is it's both halfs. And meanwhile we're the ones who are screwing everyone else. First we get them all going on Let's Work Together to Solve Climate Change, then we pull out of the group that we formed to do it. We make peace with Iran, bring everyone else along, and then we pull out. Meanwhile our currency makes us rich, everyone has to do all their international business using dollars. But we elect representatives who threaten to deliberately crash the dollar. Why? Who the fuck knows. I doubt if they know. How would you sleep at night if you were an Asian banker knowing that you had to trust this crazy country. We complain a lot, but have no idea what we do to others. That goes 1 million times over for the richest Americans. But even those struggling to get by, this is all being done in our name. If we wanted to stop it we could, we just need the will. #
The founder of the web, writing about his new startup that intends to re-decentralize the web, posts his announcement, a web page with a bit of text on it, in a VC-backed silo, to prove what? That he has a sense of humor? Is it really too hard for him to put up a page on a website? #

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