It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
I just gave $25 to Joe Donnelly who's running for Senate in Indiana.#
Occam News Service reports that the Trump family sells protection and PR services to foreign governments like Saudi Arabia.#
I had to see a specialist doctor today. At 63 my doctors are all younger than me. This one was so bright, careful in explaining and listening, enthusiastic about good health, an evangelist. Just 31 years old. Made me feel so optimistic about the future.#
Here's a weird idea I proposed to one of my favorite political analysts. Why can't journalism raise issues? They don't have to let politicians drive this. Don't the voters have issues that need airing? What about the people who wrote the Constitution who expected Congress to act as a check on the Executive branch? Why do we have to sit on the sidelines and accept the crap they hand us. Now Elizabeth Warren is doing it. Jeez. You'd think they wrote off the intellect and seriousness of the electorate. Time to change the way we do things. Journalism could be where the change starts. Of course they would have to listen, for a new idea to penetrate. 💥#
I want a new kind of news where there are no professionals. Only user-generated ideas. No blame discussed. No live debates. Only ideas for how to solve the obvious problems, and then we write the Occam’s version of the story.#

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