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Thursday, October 18, 2018
BloggerCon history: The grids for BloggerCon I. #
BloggerCon I participant list. I started with the original OPML file and converted it to a web page. There are duplicates and people who were there who aren't on this list. "It is what it is." #
I posted a note to the 2018 blogroll discussion about the work I did restoring the blogroll from 2003 from the first BloggerCon meetup. #
What I want most -- a list of people who were at BloggerCon I. I'm always surprised by people who were there that I have no recollection of. For me it was a whirlwind, huge fun of course, but few distinct memories.#
Terry Heaton sent a note yesterday reminding me that the original BloggerCon was held in October 2003, in other words, exactly 15 years ago this month. We missed the actual days, which I can infer from my blog was October 4 and 5. Unfortunately the first snapshot of the BloggerCon home page was in 2004, when were getting ready for BloggerCon III at Stanford. I'm going to keep looking on my servers and backups for data about the first BloggerCon. I'm going to archive that as I started archiving the old websites last month. #
Terry Heaton on what BloggerCon means to him. #
I switched away from the Knicks season opener to watch the ALCS playoffs for a few minutes. When I came back the Knicks had set a record for the most points in a 2nd quarter by any Knicks team. Yes the Hawks suck. But still.. Could this Knicks team be a winner? Failing that could they at least be fun? It's been so long, 2012 to be specific, since the Knicks were fun to be a fan of. Meanwhile over in Houston, the Rockets have the Curse of Carmelo. I feel sorry for the old man. I really do. He was the heart of the Knicks for so long. Hate to see him become a journeyman, the way he made Jeremy Lin leave home. I guess what goes around comes around applies. Funny coincidence, Lin, who now comes off the bench for the Hawks, played in last night's game at the Garden. He was a bit rusty at first, but the old magic is still there, you can see it. #

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