It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, October 29, 2018
The deeper I get into this (unnamed) project the more convinced I am that GitHub makes a good object database for a CMS. I haven't hit any limits. It's slow-going only because I don't want to have to live with half-baked ideas long-term, as we did with Frontier. Obvious advantage here is that a big tech company is maintaining the back-end at scale with good economic terms. That is also its biggest disadvantage. On the other hand GIT is very much not exclusive to GitHub/Microsoft. So here's hoping haha that they don't Embrace & Extend devs out of the picture.#
It never crossed my mind that Twitter should eliminate RT. #
I've been thinking how software evolution works much like natural evolution. The more I learn, the better the fit. Now I understand why I like programming so much, esp projects that last years, even decades. If this is evolution, think about it, who's god? Haha. 💥#
Having finished Battlestar Galactica, this will be my next binge. #

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