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Tuesday, October 30, 2018
My new iMac Pro arrived yesterday. Nothing more to say about it than it's shiny and the keyboard and mouse are fancy, but otherwise it looks like a newly unboxed iMac. I have to say though Apple does a first class job on packing these things. There are many levels of redundancy. Not many moving parts. Just a wall plug. Otherwise everything is wireless. Of course wait until I hook up all the bullshit I have on my desk! Scanner, umpteen hard drives, sound system. #
No doubt I'm going to buy a new Mac mini. The one I have now, hooked up to the living room TV is over ten years old. It's a real klunker. #
Software design for older people. It's a fact as you get older your short term memory weakens. I think of something to do, get distracted for an instant, and then can't remember what I was going to do. 15 minutes later I remember. That's why even small changes to the way a piece of software work can be so disorienting. In Chrome, they changed the way the popup bookmarks menu works. Instead of popping on the right, it pops on the left. It's also much wider (probably why it pops up on the left). To people don't use Chrome a lot, or whose minds don't lose focus easily, BFD, you'll deal with it. But it's enough of a distraction that I can (just did) forget why I popped up the menu in the first place. I'd love to know why they changed the way this works. Was there any benefit for me? For anyone? #

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