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Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Somehow got knocked off the web, by GoDaddy or Joyent or a combination thereof. I wanted to know how this happened, and if people agree that Gab should go, where is the line? It can't be that Nazis use their service, because Nazis use everything. I think the ACLU and the EFF should be involved here, and try to come up with some rules for all parties, so we don't have to wing this every time. #
Did you ever watch the movie Wag the Dog? Trump is doing exactly what the White House did in the movie with one big difference. They aren't hiding the con.#
Apple has finally made moving to a new machine as effortless as it can be, without having everything be in the cloud. Now Dropbox has to figure this out too. My Dropbox folder is where it used to be but it doesn't recognize it on the new system. Perhaps because the name of the boot drive changed? Not sure. But I have a huge Dropbox, with systems built in it that have been running for years. Not happy that I have to re-download every file, when they're all already on the system. It's going to take at least 24 hours based on past experience. #
If I ever start a publication, my contributing editors are going to be domain experts who don't have big titles who have the independence to say the truth, instead of having to keep a lot of other people with big titles happy. The way you get and keep a big title is by fudging the truth.#

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