It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday, November 11, 2018
A three-minute video demo of Like. #
I changed the way the thumb works in Like. Now, when you click the thumb, it fills in, when you click it again it toggles to being open. It used to flip to down. This was confusing. Now it doesn't flip, it's always up. I think this feels better, burns fewer braincells. #
BTW, not every post has the Like option. I have to set an flLikeable attribute on the post to true in order for the Like to be generated by the JavaScript code that runs in the page. #
Todo: List of likers should be reverse chronologic. Done.#
Ray Ozzie used ThinkTank to write the spec for Lotus Notes.#
I want to learn more about the history of journalism.#
We need to train huge numbers of Americans in the basics of journalism.#

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