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Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Physics is a bitch.#
Scott Mace sent a pointer to Blogtrottr, a service that hooks RSS up to email. I just set it up to send me the posts from Scripting News once daily. This is what I was asking about yesterday. Now let's see how it handles posts without titles. πŸš€#
I ❀️ how Likes is working. For example, I noticed that the post above that mentions Scott Mace had one Like. Guess who? Scott Mace. Haha. See how that works. I actually was wondering if he saw it. This is a bit of culture/tech that works. I like where it's going. #
In order to get a bootstrap to work you need a blog that has a certain amount of community. Luckily there is still enough life left in Scripting News to get a bootstrap going. That was the most fun of the salad days of blogging, I had the ability to boot up new protocols and formats. Not all of them worked, but some did. I love making new stuff up and seeing it take root. Maybe we can do it now that social media is morphing into something else. #
Something you don’t hear on the political talk circuit, yet β€” Trump is much weaker after the election. All Repubs at all levels saw how toxic he is in the midterms. They have a problem coming up in the next election, when the Senate is up for grabs, not just the House.#
BTW, the question of whether anyone is above the law has been answered. The current president has been breaking the law since he took office. He has not been arrested or prosecuted. So by any reasonable definition of the idea, he is above the law.#
I love this song from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. #
A version of Surly Joe where you can hear the words more clearly.#

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