It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, December 31, 2018
18-minute podcast about why the new comments are so good. Two main reasons. 1. It's inverted from a spam point of view. You comment in your Twitter flow. I get to read your comment because I follow the RSS feed and the #scriptingnews tag. If I think what you said is valuable I can like it, or RT it or follow you. So there's a way for me to amplify your flow, but it's my choice. 2. Twitter's new 280-char limit works really well, as noted earlier. It's enough to express an idea, but not enough to write a blog post. Perfect. #
iTunes has been acting like an asshole today, refusing to copy files onto my iPhone. Had an idea. Can Dropbox on my iPhone play MP3s? It can. It's a way to avoid using iTunes to put podcasts on my iPhone. And they end up on all my devices. #

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